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What We Do For Our Customers

Carwash Trainers & Consultants Is AS Company Built On 25 Years Of Daily Experience Washing cars In a Management Capicity.  Our staff Have Been managers, Gereral Managers & Regional Managers. Carwash Trainers Specializes In Training & Devloping carwash operations.  Consultanting on carwash site operatrioins & the development, integration, and operation of carwash systems. We offer complete solutions for operating a carwash, Customer networks, customer databases, and Website consulting services. Helpdesk phone support,  service management, complaint management, and lead management. We offer training & infrastructure products to complete our  portfolio of services. When we have finished a project for our customers we give them all the writen materials they need along with matching computer files so the information can be recreated on your own. We provide reports on all work done and changes made with an explaniation on how and why so it can be refrenced later. We don't like to make our customers feel they are linked to us in the future so we give them the tools needed to be self sufficient. We want to come back but we want it to be because you want us to,  not because you need something we have already provided or done for you.

Operations Consulting

Taking our experence and actual time washing cars with our customers requirements into account, we offer consulting, training, development, and estiblashed systems to help you grow your business.
Site Operations &
Carwash Process Study

We study and evaluate your carwash site based on many factors. We also evaluate the product output of your wash. A report on the overall process is generated for the customer with detailed observations, recommendations and corrections.

Hotline & Phone Support Our competent, responsible technical hotline representatives provide 24/7 support.
Help With Software Maintenance & Operations Support After consultation, design, implementation, and Product testing, we're at your side for all aspects of help with software maintenance and operations support. We help you with all questions related to new products, services, profit centers & ideas as well.
Site Consulting & Layout Design Our consultants provide field analysis, assessment, and implementation of your future site. Consulting on site architecture and its processes with modern carwashing concepts.
Internet Solutions &
Website Media Design
Our company carries out all Web site and Web portal projects. We can design and setup your site for you to increase your exposure. We also train you on how to edit and maintain your site so you are self sufficient in the future none of our processes link you to us.
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Carwash Trainers & Consultants

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